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Three more shows

Hello dear viewers,

Here are two more shows in the works for SaraVision:

Marriage! Who needs it? (Reality / Talk) – Potential brides and grooms discuss the pros and cons of getting legally and/or religiously married, while we follow their home lives.

But I’m A Vegan (Drama / Teen) – A young woman with orthorexia experiences a series of health crises as she tries to eat “healthy”. Can her family save her before she dies?

Bad Men (Reality / Documentary) – Chronicles the lives of women who are trapped in abusive domestic situations, as they try to free themselves and their children.

Have a good day.

Sara Arenson
Founder, SaraVision

Initial Program Lineup

Hello, dear viewers. I am pleased to announce that SaraVision is currently planning several new shows for our Web TV station, estimated to launch within the next few months.

It’s News! (News / Current Affairs) – Our flagship 6 o’clock news program.

Bodacious Bod (Talk Show) – All about body image and learning to love the skin you’re in.

Going Granola (Sitcom) – When Mike, a stressed out call centre manager, moves into Winnipeg’s Granola Belt (a.k.a. Wolseley), he’s in big trouble.

Delish (Sitcom) – Schmidt, Shwartz and Cohen are a little too fond of women… Vomen velcome! Young vomen! Old vomen! Any vomen!

Off to Ottawa! (Reality) – A reality show / satire on politics. Still waiting on budgetary approval.

Shalom in Shlomo’s Home (Reality) – A rabbi’s son gives good advice to couples facing hard times.

Big Kids Don’t Cry (Reality) – Follows the lives of 1 to 2-year olds (girls and boys) as they embark on the biggest adventure ever: Starting daycare.

Plus-size, PLEASE! (Reality) – Shows the difficulties that beautiful women have finding clothes that fit in so-called “normal” clothing stores.

Stay tuned for more!

-Sara Arenson, Owner